I’m Rob. I go by @robcee on Twitter. Nice to meet you.

I’ve written two science fiction books, Trajectory Book 1 and the sequel, Trajectory Book 2. Check ’em out if you like suspenseful scifi. I am also now in the anthology Explorations: First Contact from Woodbridge Press.

If you’ve already read them and are looking for something to do, drop a rating on my books from my Amazon author page, or on Goodreads. Every review helps! You could even “Like” my author page on Facebook if you’re into that sort of thing

A few of my other interests include Photography, Video and Audio recording and editing, Technology and Science. I’ve been a software engineer and a manager of same. I used to work for Mozilla so there is a bunch of stuff here related to Firefox and Developer Tools still lurking around. I have had experience working as a consultant for government and in the aerospace industry as a software engineer. I have a wide range of interests and from time to time I’ll write about them.

I a have been doing some aerial video and photography. In an effort to stop breaking the law, I am now a Transport Canada certified UAV Pilot with a Restricted Operator Radio License. I fly a 3DRobotics IRIS+ quadcopter that I’ve had for a few years now and rebuilt from scratch several times for upgrades. I took part in the Developer Program and provided feedback that made these quads a little better and safer to fly. If you need aerial video or photos in eastern Canada, send me a note via my Contact Page.

I am also Robcee on LinkedIn if you want the deep background. It is completely uninteresting and I ignore it.

I have some other blogs I probably won’t update. I also have a tumblr that my robots post to, but rarely look at myself. Maybe there’s something surprising there.

I like food.

Thanks for stopping by. Feel free to drop a line here or one of the other readily available links buried in this page.

Some more keywords for the search engines: writing, scifi, sciencefiction, artificialintelligence, science, open source, code, software, privacy, internet, web, drones, uav, travel.

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  1. john


    PLEASE PLEASE bring back the bookmark deiconizer!! I´m way to stupid to get rid of these ugly things by myself – even after reading your explanation.

    Have a nice day and keep up the Sandwich thing!

    A fan from germany


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