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Trajectory Book 1

Trajectory Book 1 coverFour mining ships are making the slow return to Mars from operations in the asteroid belt. Back on the planet, a group of students discover a mysterious object in space in an impossible orbit. The crew of the Lighthouse space station are shocked by a devastating accident that throws their routine into chaos as they strive to get their ships safely home.

Cut off from Earth, the sub-surface Martian Colony of New Providence suddenly finds itself in peril from something hostile and unknown. Is it alien? Is it an AI from Old Earth? After five generations enduring the harsh conditions on Mars, will the 50,000 citizens of New Providence survive this new and terrifying threat?

My first book published as Robert M. Campbell debuted at #5 in the Hard Science Fiction category on Amazon. Available on Amazon (US), Amazon (CAN). Published, November 2015. All Rights Reserved.

Categories: Hard Science Fiction, Thriller.

Tags: artificial intelligence, robotics, space, exploration, mining, colony, Mars.

Trajectory Book 1, 65000 words, 255 pages. Read a sample.


Really interesting plot, good writing. Recommended. The drama intesifies gradually. The writer gives a very interesting perspective of how life would be on an isolated Mars colony. *****

If sharp-end, serious-thought sci-fi is at all your thing, get and read Trajectory – for as full-bore, hard-core spacer tales go, it exerts a tensile force you actually wince at. It combines a chilling scenario with keen technical observations on humanity and our tools in a chronicle of human grit and refutation of every ‘space travel’s easy’ novel you’ve ever scoffed at. *****

Trajectory Book 1 weaves a tense, complex, and glitteringly realistic tale of the dangerous lives of inhabitants of a 22nd century Mars base. Arthur C. Clarke meets Tom Clancy. *****

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About the Author

author photoiRobert M. Campbell hails from the east coast of Canada and has lived in Ottawa and Toronto, Ontario. He has spent time traveling across western Europe and recently spent a month exploring and photographing South Africa by off-road vehicle. An early love of astronomy and technology led him to a career in software engineering. After twenty years in aerospace, government and open source, he has written his first science fiction novel with the second in the series now nearing publication. He and his wife will soon be living on a small farm in New Brunswick, ideally with chickens and some dogs.

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