cygnus, lyra and the milky way at 24mm

March has been a fairly turbulent month for me. This is painful because I was really hoping to have Book 2 ready to go, but we’re 7 days away from the end of the month and I have many pages to get through.

First excuse: We’re selling our house! I’ll talk a bit more about that when it’s all wrapped up, but there’s been a lot of prep to get everything ready. This is not a surprise or anything, we’ve been planning this for over a year and deliberately kept a lid on it. There’s little as disruptive and stressful as real estate, so take my word for it, my productivity’s been cut into a tiny sliver.

(example: I was working in my car yesterday while the house was being shown.)

Second excuse bordering on oversharing: tooth pain. I cracked a tooth sometime last month and had a bout of pretty severe pain. I have a new appreciation for people who can deal with this kind of torture. It’s quite excruciating. I’m going in for my third appointment to hopefully get it repaired this afternoon.

(Funny side note: 26 years ago I got slammed by my anthropology prof for claiming that human teeth were no good past the age of 35. She asked for a citation. I guess I was off by ten years. HERE’S YOUR CITATION, JUTTA!)

ahem, sorry, Dr. Dayle.

Anyway, yes, excuses.

Now some notes on progress. Book 2 consists of 114 chapters, about 8 were culled and I’m adding in 2 more. 114k words in 314 manuscript pages. It’s bigger and more complicated than the first book. I noticed a major timeline problem during my first pass in January and I’ve had to rework it so everything made sense. Would anyone have noticed? I wonder, but if they had, it would have been glaring. And it bugged me enough to fix it, shuffling many chapters and rewriting many more to make sure everything was consistent and everyone was where they needed to be. I have charts and graphs that tell me this is how it should be.

So, I’m not going to make any promises I can’t keep this time. We still have some house stuff to deal with and assuming it sells, a move to do. You’ll have to hang in there.

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