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Just a quick note: I’ve just updated Trajectory Book 1 on Amazon (US, Can) and Smashwords to v1.5. This contains all the most-recent edits (aka “bugfixes”) and should be propagating out on all platforms over the course of the day. If you’ve just bought a copy, I recommend poking your reading device to get the latest version, just in time for the weekend.

(edit: to verify you have the latest version, check the copyright page for the version of the book. Yours should say “v1.5” with an optional (ePub) tag if you downloaded from one of the Smashwords pubbed versions, e.g., iTunes, Kobo, etc.)

Status report on Book 2: Work is progressing again. I’m ⅔ of the way through this pass. I’ve removed 8 chapters, added 3 new ones and expect at least 1 more addition during Project INfill. 120k Words in total and I’m trying to keep it close to that for final copy. The restructuring is working out better than expected and I think it’s going to be good. I expect to be through this current series of edits and rewrites in a couple of weeks, followed by one quick edit pass to catch any glaring language problems, then we’re off to the virtual presses.