Right now, my twitter stream is full of people enthusing about the new Apple iPhone. Some are excited about the new camera. Others are lamenting the loss of the headphone jack.

I’m finding it difficult to get too worked up about either of these “innovations”. Apple’s been in the business of taking things away from people for a long time, and I’ve largely given up on them as a hardware provider. I’m still holding onto my Macs for now, but when replacement time rolls around, I may be looking at a Windows box.

Shocking, I know.

But while I’ve waxed crazy about my various pairs of expensive headphones, I do recognize the need for a decent wireless headset. I recently shelled-out a whopping twenty eight bucks ($28!) for a pair of humorously-named SoundPeats Q800 Bluetooth headphones. They’re not pretty, fit around the neck and have little in-ear buds you can stuff into your ear canals. They’re reasonably comfy, have some noise-cancelling capabilities (great in a car, no match for a lawn tractor) and can play 44.1KHz CD quality sound. Unexpectedly, they have a surprising amount of bass at the expense of upper end detail, and a claimed 10 hour battery life. I have yet to run them out.



SoundPEATS Q800 (White, Amazon US)

SoundPEATS Q800 (Black, Amazon Canada)