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Seedfall: New Providence Series Book 3

Book 3 of the New Providence Series. After the events of Trajectory Books 1 and 2, the remnants of the mining ships are still falling through space, the fate of the Object unknown. Fearing further attacks, the Commander of the orbital space station descends to the subsurface colony of New Providence to advise the Council about the impending threat. Regular communications with the station have been discontinued, isolating the city’s inhabitants from their families in space. Life in the colony is imperilled from within by rival factions vying for authority and control as food shortages increase. And now strange accidents have begun to occur in the City’s manufacturing facility, the Fab. The autocratic City Council plays a game of disinformation with its fifty thousand citizens, assuring them that nothing is wrong. But then something strikes…

My third, full-length novel, published as Robert M. Campbell, released May 15, 2017 in the Hard Science Fiction category on Amazon. Available on Amazon (US), Amazon (CAN) and all other regions. All Rights Reserved.

92000 words.
441 pages.

Categories: Hard Science Fiction, Dystopian Science Fiction, Action/Adventure.

Tags: artificial intelligence, robotics, space, exploration, mining, colony, Mars.

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