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Things I do not want

  • Solicitations for guest content.
  • Requests for paid marketing / SEO
  • Advertising.

If you ask or leave feedback requesting those things, you’re going into the spam bucket.

And with that out of the way…


I’m Rob. I go by @robcee on Twitter, on the #fediverse. Pronouns are he/him. Nice to meet you!

Deb and I live in a house down by the river. We are into growing things that taste delicious.

Currently, I make computers and mobile devices do things at silverorange. I’m mostly focusing on Android Development right now.

The past few years I’ve been on an internet of things kick. I was involved in a startup with tiny computers. I worked at Mozilla in the past and was a contributor to Firebug before starting the Developer Tools project for Firefox. I have a keen interest in tools and automation and open source software. I have worked as a consultant for government and in the aerospace industry as a software developer. I have a wide range of interests and from time to time I’ll write about them.

A few of my other interests include Photography, Video and Audio recording and editing, Technology and Science.

I am a Transport Canada certified UAV Pilot with a Restricted Operator Radio License. I (used to) fly a 3DRobotics IRIS+ quadcopter that I’ve had for a few years now and rebuilt from scratch several times for upgrades. I took part in the Developer Program and provided feedback that made these quads a little better and safer to fly.

I’ve written four or five science fiction books, Trajectory Book 1, Trajectory Book 2 and Seedfall. The remaining two are not yet published, but I’m hoping to finish them up one day. Check ’em out if you like suspenseful, character-driven scifi. I am also in several anthologies.

I am also Robcee on LinkedIn if you want the sanitized, shirt and tie version of all this.

I like to cook!

And that’s about all the stuff that’s fit for print. Thanks for stopping by. Feel free to drop a line here or one of the other readily available links buried in this page.

Some more keywords for the search engines: writing, scifi, sciencefiction, artificialintelligence, science, open source, code, software, privacy, internet, web, drones, uav, travel.

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    PLEASE PLEASE bring back the bookmark deiconizer!! I´m way to stupid to get rid of these ugly things by myself – even after reading your explanation.

    Have a nice day and keep up the Sandwich thing!

    A fan from germany

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