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Trajectory Book 2

Cut off from Earth, the sub-surface Martian Colony of New Providence suddenly finds itself in peril from something hostile and unknown. Is it alien? Is it an AI from Old Earth? After five generations enduring the harsh conditions on Mars, the 50,000 citizens of New Providence face a new and terrifying threat.

In the second installment of this hard scifi thriller, the mysterious object is tracking the remaining mining ships through the asteroid belt as they desperately try to return to Mars. Lighthouse station enlists help from the colony, shrouded in spring dust storms, to devise a plan to get their ships safely home.

This is the second book in the New Providence series. Trajectory Book 1 debuted at #5 in the Hard Science Fiction category on Amazon.

Available on Amazon (US)Amazon (CAN). Published June 7, 2016, $3.99. All Rights Reserved.

Category: Hard Science Fiction.

Tags: artificial intelligence, technology, space, exploration, mining, colony, Mars.

Trajectory Book 2, 125k words, 500 pages.


Disclaimer: Robert is a former colleague.
I really enjoyed Trajectory Book 1, but it left me hanging even more than the average cliffhanger.
With the release of Book 2, I can recommend the pair to anyone. This is excellent hard sci-fi, where the laws of physics are nearly a character. Great characters, great suspense, a quick and enjoyable read.
The first two books form a complete story, but I’m sure not the last from this universe. I’m looking forward to more. – A. Milewski, June 12, 2016 *****

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author photoiRobert M. Campbell hails from the east coast of Canada and has lived in Ottawa and Toronto, Ontario. He has spent time traveling across western Europe and recently spent a month exploring and photographing South Africa by off-road vehicle. An early love of astronomy and technology led him to a career in software engineering. After twenty years in aerospace, government and open source, he has written his first science fiction novel with the second in the series now nearing publication. He and his wife will soon be living on a small farm in New Brunswick, ideally with chickens and some dogs.

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