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New DevTools Peers, October 2013 Edition

This week, we are proud to add Brandon Benvie, Brian Grinstead, Patrick Brosset and J. Ryan Stinnett as peers of the Developer Tools Module. Brandon Benvie of es-discuss fame has been tackling difficult problems such as remoting our Scratchpad and making things use protocols they were never designed to use. In addition to that, he… Read More »

Firefox 27 Devtools Fixes

ID Summary 926283 CSS Tools unnecessarily translate color names to hex in u… 927815 Update the Infobar design according to shorlander’s mockups 929887 Make the Network Monitor use CodeMirror 915874 [toolbox] Clean up toolbox.js 924614 Scratchpad shows up in developer tools menu twice 926725 Optimize lazyGetters on Scopes 895561 “Edit As HTML” option in the… Read More »


(it’s a working title) Autumn. A time of color-changing leaves. A time for reflection and denouement. A time for elaborate dining rituals and familial obligations. This year, Canksgiving (or Canucksgiving or even Thanksgiving) falls on the weekend of the 11th of October — the weekend containing the second Sunday of this month. This means, many… Read More »