This week, we are proud to add Brandon Benvie, Brian Grinstead, Patrick Brosset and J. Ryan Stinnett as peers of the Developer Tools Module.

Brandon Benvie of es-discuss fame has been tackling difficult problems such as remoting our Scratchpad and making things use protocols they were never designed to use. In addition to that, he knows a thing or two about generators and promises that just might scare your hair white. He can review Scratchpad and Variable View patches and is pretty capable with Debug Protocol stuff. And Promises.

Brian Grinstead, recently-famous for his excellent Edit as HTML feature in the Inspector is working on the Devtools Content Team. He has been described as being “very thorough” so you should send him reviews for the Inspector, Style Inspector and anything else you want reviewed. Thoroughly.

Patrick Brosset completed the recently-added doorhangers on colors and image previews in the inspector. Little did he realize he would have to contend with the mysteries of the XUL Panel element when he set out on this noble path. He is also the creator of this neat thing. You should probably send him some Inspector and Style Inspector reviews. Also, feel free to ask him how he feels about mustard.

J. Ryan Stinnett (or jryans as he is called in IRC) has been busily adding support for the Manifest Editor in the App Manager. For a second trick, he’s been working on adding support so our JS Debugger can finally debug itself. Yo dawg. You should send him requests to review your App Manager patches.

Congratulations and happy code reviewing!