I had a funny moment this morning. I set up my Mac’s wireless keyboard and trackpad and was looking around for Firefox’ gesture preferences. I had setup Shift+Swipe-left / Swipe Right to switch tabs on my trackpad and am fairly used to that behavior. I did a search and found a link on Duck Duck Go was a link to a Firefox support post talking about Pinchy: a simple addon I wrote a couple of years back to set those preferences.

Too bad it requires a manual uninstall but for the most part, it does the trick and I got my gestures back.

  • pinch in == zoom in
  • shift + pinch in == close tab
  • pinch out == zoom out
  • shift + pinch out == toggle full screen
  • shift + 3-finger swipe left == previous tab
  • shift + 3-finger swipe right == next tab

Source: https://github.com/robcee/pinchy

AMO: https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/271845/