Please be advised, we have two new peers in the Firefox Developer Tools Module:

Jim Blandy, our Remote Protocol author, has been added as a reviewer for the Debugger.

Alex Poirot (aka “ochameau” on IRC) has been working with Paul on a new App Manager component for debugging apps on B2G. It should be landing soon.

For code reviews,

  • Mihai Sucan, (Console, Net Monitor, Source Editor)
  • Joe Walker, (GCLI, Inspector, Framework)
  • Paul Rouget, (Framework, Inspector, Responsive Mode, App Manager)
  • Panagiotis Astithas, (Debugger, Scratchpad)
  • Heather Arthur, (Inspector, Scratchpad, Style Editor)
  • Mike Ratcliffe, (Framework, Inspector)
  • Victor Porof, (Debugger, Net Monitor, Tilt)
  • Anton Kovalyov, (Profiler, Scratchpad, Source Editor)
  • Nick Fitzgerald, (Source Maps, Debugger)
  • Jim Blandy, (Debugger, Remote Protocol)
  • Alex Poirot, (App Manager)
  • Rob Campbell (Scratchpad, Debugger, Profiler, General)
  • Dave Camp (Debugger, Inspector, Framework, General)

Also, Dave would like to keep an eye on changes to directory structure and the loading of our Tools while we transition to a new top-level /devtools directory. We ask that changes to devtools/Loader.jsm should go to him.

Please be kind to our Developer Tools Peers. Send them lots of patches.