8 thoughts on “Music Software: iTunes alternatives for macOS, 2016

  1. Dave Townsend

    The problem I found is that none of the alternatives have stable iPod synchronisation so as long as you need that you’re stuck with iTunes anyway. That said I’ve basically given up on my iPod now and gone all in on cloud music (with a good backup of my collection of course!) so my music player is the web.

    1. Rob Campbell Post author

      yep. I say as much in my conclusion that I’m still stuck with iTunes as long as I have my iPod and iPad and that kind of sucks.

      There are some really nice alternatives to my aging iPod Classic now that I’m starting to look at. The iPod’s so dated in its music playback (44.1KHz, 16bits) that it’s forcing me away from it. One less piece locking me in.

  2. Lars Laade

    What about software from the linux world. Tomahawk and Banshee looks ver promising. But there are a lot more, and some are working on a mac too.

    1. Rob Campbell Post author

      For sure. Linux has had to get by without iTunes for awhile, and I expect they’ve made some great progress at library management over the years. Definitely worth a look.

      Not sure how it’s doing with outboard sound modules these days but I’m hopeful.

      Thanks for the suggestions!

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