House acquired.

Now we wait.

Waiting for:

– people to give us prices and order things,

– wallpaper to be stripped and walls to be painted and carpets to be ripped out and floors to be put in…

in the meantime,

… we’re spending a lot of time doing little things.

I’m reading a few books. Soon I Will Be Invincible[1] by Austin Grossman reminds me of Busiek’s Astro City, Life in the Big City[2] in novel form. Reimagined super heroes living among the normals. First person accounts of what it’s like to be a super-villain or be part of a super team. It feels like the right kind of reading while parked in a place I can’t really think.

I started reading the Gallow’s Thief[3] by Bernard Cornwell but the language was a bit old-timey for my current brain.

And I’ve been devouring The Franklin Barbecue[4] book and thinking a lot about barbecue and smoking things.

… but the rain. holy christ.

And I’m waiting for feedback on Book 2. It’s been awfully quiet out there but people are traveling and it’s a bigger book so I don’t expect people to get through it in an evening or maybe even a weekend so I have to sit patiently. Maybe it’s terrible. idk.

What should I be listening to? I need some new music and probably shouldn’t be listening to this radiohead album as much as I am but it sounds so nice.

… considering upgrading my DAC and portable music player, but I should go plant some potatoes instead.

  1. Soon I Will Be Invincible, Austin Grossman (US, Canada)
  2. Astro City, Life in the Big City, Kurt Busiek (US, Canada)
  3. Gallow’s Thief, Bernard Cornwell (US, Canada)
  4. Franklin Barbecue: A Meat-Smoking Manifesto, Aaron Franklin (US, Canada)