The enbloggening.

New Server

This is a test of our regular boring old broadcasting system. If you are reading this, you are now on the new and improved, super platform for awesomeness. Please let me know here or @robcee on twitter if you spot any problems. I’ll be migrating some other things over the next few days so… Read More »

i’m just killing time…

House acquired. Now we wait. Waiting for: – people to give us prices and order things, – wallpaper to be stripped and walls to be painted and carpets to be ripped out and floors to be put in… in the meantime, … we’re spending a lot of time doing little things. I’m reading a few books.… Read More »

New Theme!

Why should Deb have all the fun with her shiny new blog? I wasn’t really happy with my previous theme so I splurged and dressed the site up in this hot little number. Ain’t she fine? So fine. The state of WordPress themes continues to be a sore spot. Commercial themes are either spewed from… Read More »

Dakota, 2002-2015

We lost our beloved greyhound Dakota last week. Born Farshur from a long line of pedigreed racers dating back to the early 1800s, she came to us via the good people at MGAP in Moncton in 2009. After suffering problems with her teeth and a long struggle with arthritis, she finally succumbed to chronic kidney… Read More »

While I was away…

Last last week, while I was driving around Newfoundland, the collective hallucination that is our global economy took a pretty big beating. Greece tried to quit the Eurozone but somehow got pulled back in, despite a significant vote by her population to pull the D-ring and go their own way. I can only imagine that’ll… Read More »