To celebrate the release of Seedfall, I am pricing both Trajectory Book 1 and Book 2 at the absurdly low sale price of 99¢* each for the entire month of June. Everywhere. If you’ve been holding out, or waiting for a price drop on Trajectory Book 2, now’s your chance.

These are brand new editions, freshly edited by Scarlett R. Algee. She did a stellar job enforcing consistency across all three books and making them better reads. During the process, I’ve imported both books into Scrivener and have unified my formatting and build process so each book is as close as possible to one-another going forward. Not exactly an upgrade you can see, but it makes my life easier. Book 1 should now be at v3.0, Book 2 is a legit v2.0.

Why the sale? This’ll be the first time Trajectory 1 & 2 will be offered together. Since they are essentially one book cut in two at the first third, I thought it might be nice to let new readers get into both for a decent price. The indie world lives and dies on the 99¢ sale, so I thought, let’s die twice for a whole month! There’ll be promos and a few additional blasts from friends throughout June that should keep the thunder rollin’.

What’s next? Getting back to Book 4 is tops on my list right now. I’m going to make the best possible effort to get it out this year. The big stuff introduced in Seedfall is going to be taking off, and it’s going to be a pretty wild ride.

I’d still also like to get paperback versions of all three books up, but formatting those is painful. It’ll happen at some point, though. Promise.

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Signing off…

* – or equivalent price for region.