a very grumpy cat

Hey there. How’s it going? Enjoying the Winter? Me too!

So, I wrote that book thing, and a bunch of you read it and a few even reviewed it and I think that’s super. Typical responses go something like, “OMG cliffhanger, you bastard!” followed by, “BOOK 2 NOW”.

Regarding the first, I am sorry about that. I literally split this book in two knowing it was going to take more time to get the second 2/3 into shape. Couldn’t be helped, really. I feel your pain. Also, this is a series, so please bear that in mind. Sometimes things don’t go the way you want them to.

Regarding the second part of those comments, Book 2 is underway. I was traveling last week so didn’t get a lot done. Now I’m 2/3 (seem to be hitting that fraction a lot today) through the first real pass since it was in draft form. I’ve deleted approximately 10000 words from this book and it’s still clocking in at 107k currently. I expect to lop another 5-10k out of it while potentially adding a bit more color to a few sections that need it. I’m hoping to finish this pass before the end of this month of January of 2016. Final edits happening in February if everything goes according to plan. I’ll probably put it up for preorder around the end of February with an expected release date around March 30th.

I still don’t have a cover so if you are or know an artist who’s into scifi, I would love to talk. Or an editor. Please help me.

This is an aggressive schedule. I fear slippage. Book-sized chunks of writing are hard to deal with. I can barely write a blog post like this one without losing my shit and flooding it with apostrophes and dropping commas and…

What comes next? I have about 50k words written for the as-yet-unnamed book that will follow Book 2. It’s rough, first-draft level stuff, but it’s a start and I know where I want it to go. This is a long haul, but I can see where I want this to end. I hope we can get there.

(funny cat image courtesy of Internet)