I have a couple of blog posts percolating, chiefly my next Scrivener Howto, but brain time is presently very precious. I have started work on Book 4, albeit a few days behind. We have a new dog, Zeke, who demands a lot of attention.

And that’s is all right by me. We’re learning to cope with teething and people have been great with suggestions. Ice cubes are a favorite. His chicken stuffy is popular for tugging and chewing. A couple folks suggested rope toys feel good on their gums. Far and away his favorite chew toy is me, so we’re learning the “leave it” game with limited success. I have some new scars, scratches and punctures already. He is currently chewing a frozen marrow bone, which he seems pretty enthusiastic about. It’s gross.

He had his first visit to the local vet yesterday. Zeke measured in at 19.4lbs. Nearly double his weight from three weeks ago. He is just shy of 12 weeks old.

Yesterday’s word count was 1814. I’m hoping to hit that again today, Zeke-willing. My target for finishing the first draft is mid-August.