Book 3, aka The Thing That Would Not End, has now shipped to my very brave editor for dissection. A select few pre-beta readers have also been given copies to pore over and study while I quietly hyperventilate in the corner. It’s fine.

Once it’s been edited and I have my first round of feedback, I’ll be sending it to the next group.

It took longer than I thought it would. It was harder to write, and not entirely because of subject matter. I struggled with the ending on this one but I think it came together pretty well. For the next book, I’m throwing away the 30k words I have in the tank and trying something different. We’ll see how that goes.

The final word count on Book 3 clocked-in around 90k words. That is a proper short novel length and about right for an ebook, I think.

Expected release date around April 15, 2017.

Yes I have a working title. I had to discard the first two because Reasons. I sort of have a cover coming together. No you can’t see it, yet.