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Y2K but a coronavirus

New Years Eve, 1999-2000, Times Square, NYC

Humans are not very good at dealing with uncertainty. Who can blame them? One day, you’re living your life, shopping for groceries, paying the bills, meeting friends, picking up the kids, … whatever it is you do on any normal day during the year, then suddenly, something happens. A big event, that nobody* saw coming […]

Devtools Resolved Bugs: 2013-09-17 – 2013-09-24

ID Summary 911678 Inspector – inline style rules do not populate the CSSRul… 915910 [markup view] UI updates following refactor in Bug 855523 916995 browser_webconsole_view_source.js just assumes the event … 905226 Response tab in Network inspector shows base64 encoded re… 917706 Browser Debugger shouldn’t require a restart / new window 917844 Add a keyboard accesskey […]

Firefox 23 Developer Tools Fixes

Bug ID Summary 581352 Console HTTP output should make JSON viewable as objects 586125 “””Copy”” “”Select All”” etc. popup menu item in the Web Console displays keyboard shortcuts 587757 Implement Browser Console 638953 Cannot copy keys or values in web console object inspector 640225 Make Property Panels Editable 688400 Web Console throws a TypeError when […]