The enbloggening.

New DevTools Peers, October 2013 Edition

This week, we are proud to add Brandon Benvie, Brian Grinstead, Patrick Brosset and J. Ryan Stinnett as peers of the Developer Tools Module. Brandon Benvie of es-discuss fame has been tackling difficult problems such as remoting our Scratchpad and making things use protocols they were never designed to use. In addition to that, he […]

New Devtools Peers: Jim Blandy and Alex Poirot

Please be advised, we have two new peers in the Firefox Developer Tools Module: Jim Blandy, our Remote Protocol author, has been added as a reviewer for the Debugger. Alex Poirot (aka “ochameau” on IRC) has been working with Paul on a new App Manager component for debugging apps on B2G. It should be landing […]