New Theme!

Why should Deb have all the fun with her shiny new blog? I wasn’t really happy with my previous theme so I splurged and dressed the site up in this hot little number. Ain’t she fine? So fine. The state of WordPress themes continues to be a sore spot. Commercial themes are either spewed from Theme Farms where… Read More »


It’s Shrove Tuesday, or, as I prefer to call it, Pancake Tuesday. Now, unfortunately, I didn’t get to make pancakes this morning, but there’s no reason you shouldn’t. I have a failproof, top notch recipe for delicious, light and fluffy pancakes that are excellent receptacles for butter, maple syrup and whatever fruit or toppings you want to put… Read More »

Twitter Algorithms

This week’s tempest in a tweetpot is bubbling over because Twitter has announced they’re going to replace the current chronological stream we all know and love with a Facebook-like “algorithm-based timeline”. Naturally, people being people, the standard reaction is “OMG NO! CHANGE WE FEAR IT WTF!!!” followed by a stream of eggplant and hotdog emojis hitting a monkey… Read More »